1915-7 Welby Way
Tallahassee, FL 32308
A fully equipped Pilates studio
Opened in 2004 to provide safe, comprehensive, individualized instruction to all generations of novices and enthusiasts.
Equipment includes reformers, towers, Cadillac, chair, ladder barrels, BOSU, stability balls, spine corrector, spine supporter, magic circles, bands-everything needed for a complete workout.
The location provides easy access to Capitol Circle, yet removed enough to have a quiet atmosphere. 
All instructors completed nationally known comprehensive training programs requiring in- class and practical instruction. 
Each instructor completed over 300 hours of training, including an internship at Lifelong Fitness, and passed a written and practical exam.
Our clients range in age from young dancers to those in their 90s. 
Some are recovering from injuries, some are trying to avoid injury, and all are striving to remain active and agile as they age. 

Our classes are small. This allows us to provide individual attention during class and builds camaraderie among the participants. We have fun!
To keep you moving throughout your lifetime